BABCIA'S - 2017

You walk into a space and you're greeted by grandma. Grandma is sitting on an old dark wooden rocking chair crocheting a doily for her granddaughter. In the other room, you see grandpa sitting on a wooden bench drinking a beer and reading the newspaper. You were told to go to this restaurant to see modernize Poland but instead, you're still in traditional Poland. Like all Polish grandmas say when you go to their house "Are you hungry?" and that is when the fun begins. Grandma then tells grandpa to take your coat and then you're escorted through wooden doors to the modern Polish experience. When you walk into the restaurant you are getting  to experience modern Poland. Taking traditional Polish elements such as polish folk art, wood carvings, and Polish village homes I implemented this throughout the space in a fun and funky way. I got my inspiration from Karol Okrasa, a Polish chef that is known for taking traditional Polish cuisine and modernizing it and at the same time playing with your senses. I took that concept and thought it would add to Karol Okrasa's food experience by having a similar concept and implementing in the interior.