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Need more time? Bigger project? I'm here for you! 

This package starts with a free design consultation session, lasting up to 2-3 hours. During these hours, we will speak about your interior design needs. After the consultation, we will know if working with Szydelko makes sense for you. If you would like to proceed, you pay a deposit fee, and we start from there! Once we have found a final solution for you, you will then pay the remaining amount due. You get x amount of hours during a week for design sessions to be scheduled to speak about your project and options. The hours will be figured out after we have decided on the solution of Szydelko for you. Be mindful - this option for large projects. If you find you need something quicker, consider Package 1. 


Quick overview


The Process:

Free 2-3 hour design consultation 

X amount of floor plan solutions

X amount of design solutions 

X amount of design sessions


Final Solution: Final design solution including floor plan, renderings, color schemes, finishes, furniture lists, and my help along with any other outside contractors hired for this project. 


Please read below.


Step 1: Consultation

We will have a 2-3 hour in-person Consultations where we will speak and review the space and your needs for me to be able to tell if working with Szydelko makes sense for you. You don't need a floor plan for this, but it would be appreciated if you have one. Before our meeting, think about what you want, your final goal to be for your space. It often helps to have an inspiration board. If you don't have one, it's okay. I will create one for you when we decide to work together. After reviewing your pictures, measurements, and have met you, we will then determine if Szydelko is for you. Once that is determined, I take a deposit fee of x amount of dollars to get working on your project. After that, there will be payment installments during our design process. The remaining amount will be paid when we have found a final solution for you. 


Step 2: Get the following ready!

Get the space ready for viewing! It's Covid season, so we must take the proper precautions for your safety, myself and others. Before our in-person consultation, we will schedule a phone call to discuss the best method to meet and get this project done while following CDC guidelines. If you feel that you want to meet virtually, you can still pick this package. It just means you have a lot more of my time, and I'd be able to transform your space at the end instead of doing it yourself with me virtually guiding you. 


If you consider an in-person consultation during this time, please wear a mask when meeting with me. I will not be touching anything in your space with bare hands. If you have any elders, kids, or anyone at high risk, please let me know prior. 


Any inspiration boards you have, or even images. If you don't have one, it's okay. I will make one for you. If you want to make one, I recommend using


Step 3: Schedule your first design meeting!

After we have met for our consultation and decided that Szydelko is for you, schedule your first design meeting! During which I will share with you a floor-plan created from the information you provided. At that point, I will also have created an inspiration board for us to use. Our first meeting will be about getting to know more about you! Our second is where I reveal your 3x floor plans three design solutions. Our sessions run from 1-2 hours, depending on your needs. You will need to be as direct as possible with me when reviewing options. I need your "brutal" honesty as it helps me find you a final solution quicker. The amount of time we will work together will be discussed during this time.



Step 4: Design phase

During this phase, we will already be 3 to 4 meetings to have meaningful conversations about your space during each meeting. By this time, you have already seen 3-4 plans and design solutions, probably more because there will be changes based upon your feedback. We will meet weekly for x amount of hours to get your input and brainstorm together during this time.



Step 5: Final design reveal

During this design meeting, I will reveal the final space designed based on your feedback and needs. 

Step 6: Transformation

Our final stage is to provide you with an x amount of transformation sessions to complete your space. At this point, there will most likely be outside contractors involved, along with myself working to build your space.